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Rilose 1lbs
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Rilose has a high rate of digestion which will in turn will cause a greater insulin spike, thus helping nutrients, specifically peptides travel through the blood stream faster causing a greater recovery rate. And of course this means a greater increase of muscle growth.
It is a high quality carbohydrate made from brown rice. The brown rice carb is 97% glucose making digestion of this product almost immediately after taken. It is 100% natural. No chemicals are used to make the product. It is sweet to the taste, similar to dextrose. It mixes instantly with a spoon and dissolves completely in water.

Health and Fitness Information

Unlike Maltodextrin, Dextrose, and Waxy Maize, which are made from corn, Rilose comes from rice, which is much more easily digestible than corn. The level of a products glycemic index rating is sometimes determined by the amount of that certain carb. For example 30 grams of glucose will have a GI rating of about 80, whereas 100 g of glucose will have a GI rating of 100. But we are thinking that the Dextrose and Maltodextrin, or the latest fad, Waxy Maize, being made from corn is not even being digested completely. If you get cramps from these products this is why. Rice is very digestible and may be easier on the stomach. Some of the personal trainers we supply with this supplement seem to think it is more effective at raising insulin levels based on their clients recovery abilities and increased gains. When utilized post workout, Rilose can increase your recovery ability, thus increasing your chances at muscle growth.

Directions for Use

Use Rilose like you would any common carbohydrate. For muscle building take in 50 to 75 grams post workout with either 25 grams of PeptoPro or 35 grams of Hydrolyzed 520. Creatine should also be utilized when possible with Rilose.

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