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Formasurge by BPS
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BPS’ FormaSurge is the latest in transdermal supplements. To overcome the poor oral bio-availability of Formestane (compound found in FormaSurge), BPS has crafted an advanced carrier complex that allows users of FormaSurge to experience all the benefits that Formestane has to offer.
FormaSurge is the perfect product for people looking to control estrogen levels while boosting testerone. Formestane is a ‘suicide inhibitor’ meaning users don’t need to worry about rebounding estrogen levels once they discontinue use.  Additionally, at FormaSurge’s recommended dosage, the compound is non-suppressive.
FormaSurge users can expect to experience lean muscle gains, fat loss, and an increased libido. The benefits of FormaSurge are highly noticeable and can take any user’s training to the next level. Whether one is using FormaSurge by itself, while on cycle, or as a part of post-cycle therapy, results will surely be impressive.
For best results, users should apply two pumps of FormaSurge directly onto clean skin. IT IS NOT ADVISED TO APPLY FORMASURGE ON OR AROUND THE GENITALS
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